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Welcome to N3ConU, the student experience at the New. Now. Next Media Conference.

N3Con is one of the top Asia-focused educational platforms for journalism students and journalists at every stage of their career, to learn, exchange ideas and network with professionals from both inside and outside of the industry.

We take pride in featuring numerous award-winning journalists who share their knowledge and experience in some of the best and most up-to-date educational, skills training and professional development programs annually.

For the third straight year, we are running N3ConU to enhance the student experience by integrating our educational, networking and mentoring services through our broad network of media organizations and veteran journalists across the region.

The New. Now. Next Media Conference will give the next generation of journalists a solid foundation to evolve with the changes. It’s the perfect opportunity for students and aspiring journalists to get a taste of the field.

N3ConU is a program created to provide tomorrow’s journalists with the tools and mentoring to get ahead after graduation.

N3ConU Orientation

Wednesday, August 19 @ 8:00 pm (SG/HK Time)

In this session, Grace Moon, Seoul-based freelance journalist and copyeditor at the Korea JoongAng Daily will share how AAJA has helped her in her journey, navigating the journalism industry as a student and preparing her for the workforce post-graduation. She will share her AAJA-Asia member experience and how attending events such as the upcoming New.Now.Next Media conference (N3Con 2020) can be useful for journalism students. Q&A will follow. REGISTER HERE

Grace Moon is a freelance writer and researcher from Dallas currently based in Seoul, South Korea. She enjoys writing about anything that piques her curiosity, especially society stories that tell us why the way things are. In the evening, she works as a copy editor at The Korea JoongAng Daily, where her inner grammar geek unleashes. Grace enjoys cooking for her friends, hiking and people watching. You can follow her on social @gracesoyeonmoon.

From Student to Journalist: Tips for Entering the Workforce

For students and aspiring journalists that are new to the world of journalism, professional life can seem daunting and it might be difficult to understand where and how to get started in this industry.  Join our session “From Student to Journalist: Tips for Preparing to Enter the Workforce” with Rebecca Isjwara (Reporter at S&P Global Market Intelligence Hong Kong), Kari Lindberg (Journalist at Bloomberg Hong Kong), Gavin Huang (Editor at Goldthread, South China Morning Post) and Grace Moon (Copywriter at the Korea JoongAng Daily and freelance journalist based in Seoul) to learn more about navigating the journalism space post-graduation, how to build your portfolio & resume while in school, maximising internship experience and more.

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