TV Workshop: An Interview is Simply a Conversation

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By Angie Lau, AAJA-Asia President

Are you nervous when you’re about to sit down with someone?  Do you know how best to prepare for an interview? Do you ever feel like you missed the key question?   

See, I interviewed you already.   

I’ve spent the past 15+ years doing this thing we call journalism, and over the years and developed some skills in reading people, reading the situation, and figuring out best strategies to get the most out of your interviews.  And now, I will share!  At the 6th annual, AAJA Asia New.Now.Next Media Conference, I’ll be conducting: TV Interviews & Best Practices Workshop.  In this digital age, everyone will likely end up conducting interviews on camera (or on your iPhone, Android smartphone, GoPro, etc…)  regardless of your chosen platform.   Maybe, it’ll end up in a podcast, or uploaded to YouTube, or used as a video insert on-line.  Either way, fewer of you will be able to hide behind the anonymity of a phone or reporter notepad… because our audience demands it!  

So, this broadcast anchor (me) will help you devise protocols you’ll end up customizing for yourself. Learn skills you can apply in your next story.  Because at the end of the day, YOU are almost as important in the interview as your subject.  Every interview is like a conversation.  And every conversation is like a dance; it takes two.

We’ll cover:

  •  How to prepare for the interview
  •  How to get your subject to open up
  •  Know your agenda … and theirs
  •  Q&A’s:  Substance AND Style

And of course, I’ll let you interview me before we wrap things up.  Also known as the “Q&A.”  Looking forward to seeing you in Seoul!   


Angie Lau is AAJA Asia Chapter President and Anchor of Bloomberg’s flagship morning show in Asia: “First Up with Angie Lau.”  

Sign up for AAJA Asia’s New.Now.Next Media Conference in Seoul, Korea May 27-29th.


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