Startups Making Money in News Business

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By AAJA-Asia

The likes of Huffington Post and Buzzfeed have fared well on social media and digital platforms, catering to an increasingly mobile audience practically inseparable from their Facebook and Twitter feeds. Consequently, this is has inspired a generation of journalists to venture out of the traditional newsrooms into new media startups with alternatives platforms and ways of telling stories. They are coming up with new business models and monetization models for journalism, such as crowdfunded journalism and content aggregation.  

But are they viable, sustainable and if so, how are they doing it? How are they surviving – and in some cases, even thriving – when traditional media seems to be struggling? And what are their implications to freelancing journalists?

Come hear from your media startup entrepreneurs and journalists from across the region speak on the challenges and successes of navigating this space:

  • James Ong of Coconuts Media from Singapore
  • Taehoon Lee of Newsbacker and The Korea Observer from Seoul
  • Kyung-young Choi of the Korea Center for Investigative Journalism from Seoul

The session will be moderated by Zela Chin, Senior Reporter/Producer for weekly business program “Money Magazine” on TVB, Hong Kong’s flagship broadcaster.


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