Crisis Reporting and the Scoop

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Crisis Reporting and the Scoop: How to Prepare for Breaking News

By Lee Taehoon,Executive Producer of N3CON, VP of AAJA-Asia Seoul

We are living in the mobile age where reporters have to compete with Twitter or other fast-flowing social networks for breaking news.

Reporters often have to deal with pressure to cover a crisis with less time to think about the suffering that victims, survivors and their loved ones.

However, a major error that journalists make can also be caught and spread like wildfire through other media outlets and social networks as seen from the sinking of the Sewol ferry in 2014 where the whole nation was duped by inaccurate reports that all the students on the ship had been rescued.

During the panel discussion of Crisis Reporting and the Scoop – How to Prepare for Breaking News, we will examine the monumental challenge that journalists face for accurate and timely disaster coverage that can often lead to trauma and cause distress, grief and behavioral health disorders.

Veteran journalists, including Lee Chong-ae of SBS, Sam Kim of Bloomberg and Philip Pan of the New York Times, will join the panel and talk about covering the biggest news stories, from the Sewol ferry disaster to the political crisis on the Korean Peninsula.

They will answer how journalists can break away from the pack, uncover scoops on deadline and be the first ones to report without getting it wrong. It will be interesting to hear from them how reporters should deal with the emotional toll of covering tragedies and disasters.

Angie Lau, president of AAJA-Asia and anchor for Bloomberg, will moderate the crisis reporting session which will take place on May 28 (Saturday) at D.Camp, Seoul as a part of the New. Now. Next. Media Conference (N3Con).



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