Virtual Reality in the Newsroom

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By Sean Lim, former VP of AAJA-Asia Seoul

Virtual reality once seemed like a trend, but it’s here to stay. Learn from leaders in the field, technologists and journalists about how newsrooms can produce VR storytelling. Hear about what’s worked, what hasn’t, how to engage your audience with emerging VR technology, and what the future holds for the medium.

Our main panelist is Paul Cheung, Director of Interactive and Digital News Production from the Associated Press. Paul will be flying all the way from AP’s New York City’s headquarters to give his insights. He also happens to be AAJA’s president so he is quite adept at giving you valuable information while inspiring you to push some tech boundaries!

And coming all the way from Hong Kong will be AJ Libunao, Assistant Lecturer from the Journalism and Media Studies Centre at University of Hong Kong. He will work with Paul to bring us more expert knowledge on how to incorporate VR into your journalism.

Moderating the panel will be Sean Lim, a long-time broadcast journalist in Seoul. He will take the viewpoint of both skeptic and early adopter to try to get you the most practical tips and applicable lessons from this plenary.


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