Bots and Drones: Journalism and Ethics in the Age of AI

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By AAJA-Asia

Google’s artificial intelligence program AlphaGo’s victory over the iconic Go grandmaster Lee Sedol in March was the latest reminder that creativity and intuition may no longer be exclusive traits for human being. The five-game match sent shock waves in Asia where Go was cherished and enjoyed as one of the most creative games ever devised by humans. Debates ensued how the progress of the artificial intelligence would replace and even remove jobs. Some even lamented the impending end of their profession and how they could be replaced by machines.

That may sound like a far-fetched future for journalists. But it isn’t.

The media industry has already embraced computer programs in many ways. Newsrooms can now deploy automated systems to generate headlines and stories on demand. Drones can go where photojournalists can’t and capture the images that humans cannot. In many of those cases, the use of computer programs and automated systems has freed human journalists to focus on reporting.

Learn how reporters and editors can use these new tools and make sure they have a place among the bots and drones.

Some of the topics that the panelists will explore include:

· How news organizations can best deploy these new tools, maximize resources and navigate the challenges behind them
· What tasks and areas in journalism and reporting that can be automated
· How photojournalists can use drones and how drones have changed the way public see the world
· What are the qualities and the skills expected from the print and photojournalists in the age of news automation, robot journalism and drones?
· What makes human journalists distinctive from robots?


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